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WWII Posters

Many  of you have never seen these posters when they came out originally  
(or  possibly never at all).......they still have great meaning for our  country.....
what's  happened to our  patriotism.
I wonder whatever happened to this kind of thinking?  I "grew up" thinking patriotism was the American way!  I am glad to see that somedoby saved these posters.
These were our parents.  What is God's name have we let happen?
I guess we are the last generation to see, or even remember anything like these?  And what happened?  Political correctess (or "re-education") happened, lack of God's name happened, lack of personal responsibility happened, lack of respect happened, disloyalty to our hountry happened, lack of being an American happened.  How sad it is!
World WarII Posters:
Americans will always fight for liberty Buy bonds every payday Buy War Bonds Careless talk got there first 
Defense Bonds-you buy them we will fly them Do it right, make it bite Freedom from fear Freedom from want
Give it our best Give us Lumber for more PT's God help me is this is a dud If you tell where he's going...He may never get there!
Keep it up brother  Men of war, they fight for you Ore the ramports we watch, USArmy Air Force Pass the ammunitation-The Army needs more lumber
Remember December 7th Sub spotted, let 'em have it They did their part, the five Sullivan brothers This is the enemy
War Bonds, to have and to hold We have just begun to fight What did you do today for freedom Where are men are fighting, our food is fighting


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